This is your home of a thousand sunsets…

A tropical oasis, a silver lake.

Brilliant beaches await over the next horizon and your next address is the biggest decision you’ll make.

This is the world of Soul Caravans.

Built with the simple goal of providing the ultimate vehicle for your dream life on the road.

Crafted from a heritage of world-class boat building, your Soul Caravan delivers style, luxury, durability and integrity.

With an outer shell constructed as a single piece fibreglass structure, ensuring an air and water-tight seal, the integrity of your Soul Caravan is assured.

The interior breathes quality and style with an expansive slide-out that provides ample space for relaxing and entertaining.

Sturdy build, innovative design and modern features all work together to ensure that your Soul Caravan is the heart of your life on the open road.


Click on the video below to see all the exciting features of our flagship model